Ibanez AEB305LG Acoustic-Electric Bass

Ibanez AEB305LG Acoustic-Electric Bass -- The AE series continues to be one of the top selling acoustic/electric guitar lines in the world despite the large number of products available today. Why? Because the AE's unbeatable slim neck, feedback resistant body, and high fidelity electronics make them some of the finest live performance guitars at any price. This acoustic/electric bass guitar features the AEQ-SS Shape Shifter EQ, a fresh new EQ design that lets you spend the bare minimum time tweaking controls and the absolute maximum time playing. Specifically designed to work with the Fishman Sonicore pickup, the 3-band AEQ-SS features a tone shaper that's much like the loudness contour on your stereo with one important difference: your stereo's loudness give you just two options; on or off. However, the AEQ-SS's tone shaper is an actual loudness contour control so you can exactly determine the level of the contour and get the right sound. Quickly. The Shape Shifter is also very quiet. And it has a huge amount of headroom so you can get more volume before distortion sets in. The Shape Shifter also features a phase reverse switch for eliminating feedback. There's a seperate battery compartment for easy battery changes. And there's a low battery light that tells you when it's time to change the batteries, which won't be often because of circuitry that promotes long battery life. Enough about the electronics though. This guitar also includes the Ivorex Saddle. Ivorex is much stronger than bone so it lasts longer and responds faster to your playing. It also offers much more brilliant highs and pronounced lows, with slightly less midrange. These tonal qualities make Ivorex fitted guitars especially suited for amplification. Don't be fooled into thinking that these are the only great features of this 5-string bass guitar.Check below for further specifications. AEB305LG 5-String Bass AEF Body 32" Scale Spruce Top Chrome Hardware Mahogany Back & Sides Natural Low Gloss Finish Ivorex Saddle

Ibanez AEB305LG Acoustic-Electric Bass
Ibanez AEB305LG Acoustic-Electric Bass

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Ibanez AEB305LG Acoustic-Electric Bass.

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